ETERNITY GE12S Solution for Medium Hotels up to 200 Rooms

Matrix ETERNITY GE range of Hotel PBX present ideal Hospitality solution for growing medium sized hotels.

Hotel features such as web-based Front Desk Wizard, Room management features like Check-in and Check-out, Room types, Occupancy status, Mini Bar, Room clean Status and Report generation, Suit services. Guest management features such as Guest-in and Guest-out, Guest name and number display, Guest Shift, Customer Profile, Floor service, House Keeping Status are unique hospitality features offered by Matrix.

  • Third-Party PMS and CAS interface, Alarms and Wake-up reminders, Video Conferencing, Emergency detection and reporting.

  • Call budgeting, Call privilege, Call blocking, Least Cost Routing, SMDR buffer of 12000 calls, Voice Mail System which not only streamlines the hotel operations but also enhances guest experience.

  • Multi-language Auto-Attendant, Multi-party Audio and Video Conference, External Music Port for background music, Public Announcement Port (PAS) for making announcement through loud speaker etc. are built-in to the system.

ETERNITY ME16S Solution for Medium Hotels up to 500 Rooms

ETERNITY ME Hospitality PBX presents ideal solution for Hotels and Hospitals up to 500 rooms.

Delivering incomparable Guest Experience with Best-of-breed Hospitality and Communication features, leverage on existing communication resources is the way Matrix Hospitality helps to maneuver the Hotel Business

Abreast with IP functionalities with IP extensions and trunk support, true mobility with Mobile Extensions which work just as wire-line extensions of the system. Now staff can easily communicate and perform more efficiently and effectively from any corner of the Hotel.

Omni-present IP, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, T1/E1, GSM/3G, POTS network support combined with powerful least cost routing, ensures last-mile connectivity through the most cost-effective network. The ingenious routing algorithms deliver significant reduction in telephony bills. ETERNITY ME is very energy efficient with lower power consumption thereby saving valuable energy resources and cut-on the huge electricity bills.

A Hospitality Solution, packed with Ready to integrate protocols for third party PMS interface like ‘Micros Fidelio’ and other PMS and CAS used worldwide to ensure easy integration of


Systematic and TransparentHotel Operations
Call Budgeting
Call Cost Calculation
Selective deletion of Call Records
SMDR buffer of 12000 Calls
Floor Service Extensions
Check-in, Check-out
CLI display on SLT, DKP and IP Phones
Third Party PMS and CAS interface

Rich Guest Experience
Guest Name & Number Display
Guest-in, Guest-out
Suit services
Baby Listening
Multiple Alarms with Snooze
Alarm Status Report and Printing
Background Music
Voice Mail with Email Notification

Reduced Communication Cost
Universal Network Connectivity
VoIP, POTS, ISDN, GSM/3G, E&M and Magneto
Least Cost Routing
Time, Number, Service Provider to Service Provider, Carrier Pre-selection


Digital Key Phones and Operator Consoles Solution for Medium Hotels up to 200 Rooms

EON is the versatile, feature-rich, easy to use Digital Key Phone range of Matrix. These DKP supports a host of additional features providing the user fast access to the functions of Matrix ETERNITY Hotel PBX at a single touch of a button.

These phones are available in two variants – EON42S and EON48S. Both variants are available in two colors - Black and White. These key phones can be used with any variants of ETERNITY GE and ME.