ETERNITY NE The Next Generation IP-PBX for Nascent Enterprises

Matrix Presents, ETERNITY NE – The Next Generation IP-PBX built to mature today’s nascent businesses into flourished enterprises, breaking the confines of conventional telephony systems. It brings complete synergy of the wired, wireless and packet based communication into the SMB premise. The multi-functional persona of NE wipes out the need of investing in multiple devices. With the superior features that it delivers, it puts any small business at par to compete actively with the constantly evolving and challenging surrounding.


ETERNITY NE integrates the legacy and new-generation communication technologies to offer a converged solution. It offers connectivity to all sought networks - POTS, GSM, UMTS (3G) and VoIP on a single platform.


ETERNITY NE comes in a standard configuration of analog trunk lines and analog and digital extensions for start-up businesses with basic requirements. Its modular design offers the flexibility to integrate GSM, UMTS (3G) and VoIP on the same platform in form of optional, field-pluggable modules. Voice Mail functionality can also be availed with an optional module.


ETERNITY NE allows for a smooth migration from the old analog telephone system to a new-age IP-PBX and at the same time values original investment made in telephone sets and installation set-ups. ETERNITY NE offers connectivity to the wired POTS, wireless GSM/UMTS(3G) and packet IP networks.


ETERNITY NE is an all-integrated IP-PBX with embedded Registrar, Proxy and Presence Server. Up to 16 IP local or remote extensions can be registered with the Registrar Server. ETERNITY NE can also register itself as a client with the SIP proxy of a service provider.

  • Portable Extensions
  • Call Forking
  • Global User Group
  • Presence Awareness
  • Instant Messaging


With support of mobility extensions, ETERNITY NE replicates the functionalities of desk phones on a user’s mobile phone. This allows the field workers to make and receive calls and use system features, while roaming on field, using their standard mobile devices. It supports all popular frequency bands of GSM/UMTS(3G) networks.

  • Mobility Extensions
  • System Call back
  • Direct System Inward Access-Automatic


ETERNITY NE delivers superior features to its users, such as remembering access codes for easy and speed dialing, forwarding calls to desired extension, establishing conferencing circuits for multi-party conversations, re-attempting calls at unsuccessful trials, screening live calls, recording conversations and many others. The dial plans can be unlike for different users and flexibly revived as per the time of calling.

  • Autoattendant
  • Automatic Number Translation
  • Caller-Id based Routing
  • Logical Partitioning
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Return Call to Original Caller
  • Scheduled Call Forward


The integrated Voice Mail in ETERNITY NE is designed to deliver all possible voice applications which typically require an external Voice Mail System.


The enterprise-grade features and functionalities offered by ETERNITY NE require no special training or high-level of expertise to be managed. It offers ease of installation, remote management, monitoring and generating management reports.


  • Auto-Redial
  • Auto-Answer
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Conference
  • Conference Dial-in
  • Hot Outward Dial
  • Memory Dialing
  • Multi-Stage Dialing
  • Priority


  • Call Budget on Extensions
  • Call Budget on Trunks
  • Call Duration Control
  • CUG over GSM/UMTS(3G)
  • Toll Control

SAPEX All-in-One Embedded IP-PBX Server

Matrix SAPEX is a family of pure IP-PBXs, engineered to bring IP telephony to the SMB and SME premises. The embedded platform integrates a SIP Proxy, Registrar and Presence server in a compact hardware platform. SAPEX users can place voice and video calls over the IP network. Besides centralized call control and media relay services, auto-attendant, voice mail, all PBX telephony features and presence based services are available to SAPEX users. Built-in RADIUS and SMTP client allow advanced services to be integrated.

Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA)

SAPEX works as a Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA). A SIP server with B2BUA becomes an active participant in a SIP call, enabling many advanced services in addition to basic telephony services.

DSP Based VoIP Call Processing

SAPEX comes in two variants. SAPEX SDM and SAPEX DDM with single and dual DSP support. The DSP based VoIP call processing ensures maximum throughput with standard voice codecs such as G.711 A-Law, µ-Law, G.729AB, G.723.1L, G.723.1H, GSM-FR, GSM-EFR, iLBC-20 and iLBC-30.

Extended Connectivity

SAPEX does not bind a user to a fixed location. An IP user is free to carry his extension anywhere in the world. Wherever a user is, provided with an adequate Internet link, users can establish calls retaining the same contact credentials (user name, password).

Feature Transparency

SAPEX, with B2BUA functionality and voice transcoding support, provides DTMF access to standard telephony features like Call Forward, Call Hold, Call Toggle, Call Park, Call Pickup, Call Transfer, 3-Party Conferencing, Do-Not-Disturb (DND) and others.


SAPEX can be configured as per the telecom standards of the country where it is installed.

Supports Open-Standard SIP Protocol

SAPEX supports open-standard SIP protocol to establish calls over the IP network. Following the route of open-standard, SAPEX is ensured for full interoperability with an entity with SIP support. Thus, moving towards the next generation IP telephony with SAPEX, an organization can also integrate to existing telephony network through the gateway devices and thereby plan for a smooth migration to a full IP infrastructure.

Simplified Configuration and Management

SAPEX accounts for a highly simplified communication architecture, as it is possible to route calls also over the IP network, besides data. With the embedded web server, an administrator can remotely program, configure and manage the system using the multi-lingual GUI.

Voice Transcoding

With Matrix IP-PBX it is possible to establish communication between SIP devices with diverse audio specifications. This is established with the voice transcoding functionality, which allows for negotiation of audio codecs between the SIP devices engaged in the SIP call.

Features List

SIP Server
Embedded Registrar, Proxy, Presence Servers
Supports SIP v2
Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA)
Registration of multiple SIP Trunks
Embedded Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Client
Support for 500 user registrations
Embedded RADIUS and SMTP Client
NAT and STUN support

Calling and Routing Features
Access Codes
Conference (3-Party)
Allowed and Denied Numbers
Configurable Time Zones for Call Routing
Automatic Number Translation
Anonymous Call Rejection
Do-Not-Disturb (DND)
Caller Line Identification and Restriction (CLIR)
Direct-Dialing-In (DDI Routing)
Call Forward
Dial Plan (Multiple)
Call Forking
Emergency Number Dialing
Call Hold
FAX Homing
Call Pickup (Group and Selective)
Peer-to-Peer Calling
Call Park
Selective SIP Trunk Access
Call Release Timer
Time Table
Call Transfer (Blind and Attended)
User Group

Management Features
Web Based Configuration/Firmware Management
Multi-Lingual Web Based Programming Tool (Jeeves)
Network, User, SIP Trunk and Voice Mail Status Display (Jeeves)
Status LED indication for SIP trunk status
Region based default setting of Language, Time Zone, DST, CPTG
Syslog Client
PCAP Trace
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
Call Detail Records (CDR)
User Class of Service (CoS)
Soft Restart

Voice Mail
Configurable mailbox size
Individual voice mail for each user with Access Codes
Customizable greetings
Voice Mail to Email

Call Routing to operator, system user or voice mail server
Music-on-Hold (MoH)
Customizable greetings and voice prompts

Voice Functionalities
Country specific call progress tones
SIP QoS and RTP QoS (Diffserv)
DTMF (Inband, Outband, SIP INFO)
Voice Transcoding

Date and Time Settings
Day Light Saving Time adjustment
Real Time Clock (RTC)


Digital Key Phones and Operator Consoles Solution for Medium Hotels up to 200 Rooms

EON is the versatile, feature-rich, easy to use Digital Key Phone range of Matrix. These DKP supports a host of additional features providing the user fast access to the functions of Matrix ETERNITY Hotel PBX at a single touch of a button.

These phones are available in two variants – EON42S and EON48S. Both variants are available in two colors - Black and White. These key phones can be used with any variants of ETERNITY GE and ME.