Matrix Digital Video Recorders for Hotels-Motels The Persistent Vision


Security and Safety has become a major concern of Hotels-Motels of all sizes. The industry is realizing an urgent need to visually monitor all the activities and moments of Hotel staff, Guests and visitors to ensure a safe and favorable business environ. Real-time video surveillance not only helps the Hotel management but also instills the guests to for a safe and secure stay.

Matrix SATATYA is a specialized, reliable and user friendly surveillance products for small, medium and large Hotels-Motels. Developed on the basis of the latest technologies, Matrix SATATYA is combined with the advanced H.264 video standard for maintaining higher performance and providing greater storage capability.

With ‘all-in-one’ Universal gateway solution there is no need of having multiple gateway equipments for multiple network interfaces. It can configure to serve the exact traffic requirements of an organization by combination of interface cards tailored for required number of ports for efficient utilization of hardware resources.

  • The GSM-T1/E1/PRI gateways offer integrated interfaces for GSM/3G and T1/E1/PRI. The gateway can scale up to a 32 GSM channel bank and a maximum of 8 T1/E1/PRI

  • Access Video through Central Management Software (CMS), Web or Mobile .

  • Easy Integration with Analog Camera, Access Control System and Fire Alarm Panel

  • Easy to Install and Configure through Various Interfaces

  • Recording Options to Record for Particular Date, Time, Area or Event

  • 24x7 Monitoring

  • Digital Storage of Video for Future Use