SETU VGFX VoIP to GSM/3G-FXO-FXS Voice Gateways


SETU VGFX is gateway solution THAT offers seamless connectivity between IP, GSM/3G and POTS (FXO and FXS) networks. Users can place calls using preferred networks to lower communication cost and avoid higher interconnection charges. SETU VGFX is a solution for any legacy system or an IP-PBX.

IIt helps in saving on mobile call charges and also allows unique applications to be created. Organizations can have virtually free calling between office and field employees using the corporate CUG plans. It easily fits in to any existing infrastructure. Through SIP trunking it allows low-cost long distance calling Organization can connect multiple branch offices over the WAN internet for cost-effective internal calling.

GSM/3G-VoIP Gateway for Traditional PBX

  • Compatible with all TDM PBX
  • VoIP access to traditional analog systems.
  • Multiple network connectivity on a single platform
  • Save on recurring fixed-to-mobile call costs
  • Retain dialing habits and patterns

GSM/3G-POTS Access for IP-PBX

  • Deployable in all SIP based VoIP networks
  • Place calls over GSM/3G or POTS from existing IP Terminals
  • Seamless integration with existing LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Cost-effective calling with advanced routing logics

Peer-to-Peer Calling

  • Eliminate carrier charges associated with proxy calling
  • Dial by extension numbers between distant locations
  • Communicate with dispersed offices at minimum call costs
  • Replace expensive Tie lines with cost-effective IP network for inter-office communication
  • Make direct IP calls without involving SIP Server


SETU VGFX8422 Gateway with 8 VoIP Channels, 4 GSM SIMs, 2 FXO and 2 FXS Ports
SETU VGFX8422 3G Gateway with 8 VoIP Channels, 4 3G SIMs, 2 FXO and 2 FXS Ports
SETU VGFX8404 3G Gateway with 8 VoIP Channels, 4 3G SIMs and 4 FXS Ports
SETU VGFX8440 Gateway with 8 VoIP Channels, 4 GSM SIMs and 4 FXO Ports
SETU VGFX8440 3G Gateway with 8 VoIP Channels, 4 3G SIMs and 4 FXO Ports