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Looking for an all-in-one and integrated Hospitality PBX solution for a small budget to luxury hotels? Matrix hospitality communication solution empowers hoteliers to meet the industry-wide communication challenges and deliver superior guest experience. Matrix Hospitality solution provides a simplified reception solution. This also offers specialized radio interfaces for the security personnel, letting them secure the hotel perimeter in an enhanced way.

IP Video Surveillance

Organizations are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees and the security of the assets. Further, productivity and compliance can be achieved with IP Cameras. Specifically, built for demanding enterprise and project applications, it caters to the demanding needs of various industries.

Adding a Network Video Recorder for serious video surveillance deployments is a much-needed addition. High-resolution recording and live view of multiple streams, innovative cascading, powerful investigator features are some of its prominent features.

All in all, these solutions enable flexible and reliable video surveillance solutions. Ideal for modern organizations, these aim to offer proficiency and preventive security.

Attendance Tracking solution

Manual attendance marking and estimation leads to the wastage of time and resources in any organization. There are other issues that need to be focused when you are thinking to switch to an automatic time-attendance system such as buddy punching and tailgating. Variation in attendance policies from one company to another makes it extremely challenging to capture time-attendance data and automate them.

Access Control Solution

Having the ability to truly protect digital information, human assets, and physical property by removing old obstacles can help any enterprise have the security they need. COSEC Access Control solution restricts unauthorized entry based on different checkpoints and conditions. Matrix enterprise-grade Access Control protects an organization’s assets and manpower by controlling users’ entry based on their credentials.

This solution is equipped with all-in-one biometric and mobile authorization technology and next-generation networking IP Technology and PoE+, Matrix COSEC range of Access Control solutions are scalable, flexible, and highly secured platform for any growing small-medium enterprise.


Matrix VoIP Gateways help hotels manage call traffic over mobile networks and drastically cut down recurring telephony bills. VoIP Gateways bridge the gap between VoIP and traditional communication networks enabling the hospitality business to avail advantages of the latest communication technology. IP networks offer benefits such as call routing, call signaling, voice compression, and many more that allow efficient handling of voice and data using existing communication infrastructure.

Digital PBX for Small and Home Office

Matrix ETERNITY PE – VOIP system for small businesses designed specifically to overcome some challenges of growing businesses. ETERNITY PE is designed for 24 to 48 users. Organizations can flexibly connect FXO, GSM/3G, VOIP, ISDN BRI, and T1/E1/PRI trunks and select from user extensions such as IP Phones, Digital Key Phones, and Analog Phones in any combination as per communication requirements.

ETERNITY PE offers a host of advanced hospitality features, which can perform hotel tasks such as Check-In, Check-Out, DND, Wake-Up Alarms, Reminders, Print Check-Out reports, etc. making it a complete Hotel PBX. These features are easily managed by the Front Desk Management wizard. In addition, it also supports third-party PMS and CAS integration.

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