Business Phone System

Business Phone System

ETERNITY is a family of Business IP-PBX solutions.

ETERNITY is a family of Business IP-PBX solutions. Originally designed for enterprise applications, ETERNITY family now includes members suitable for SME and SMB segments. In terms of number of users, the ETERNITY has solution for organizations with starting from 8 to 512 users.

ETERNITY offers a wide range of flexible call routing functions and convenient features. This flexibility transforms it into a versatile IP Telephony platform. The ETERNITY can be used as a regular office IP-PBX, Hospitality PBX, Group PBX, Universal Gateway, Call Center Switch, PLCC Switch, etc.

ETERNITY ME is the eldest and the biggest in the family and is targeted at enterprises. It comes in two configurations – 10 Universal Slots and 16 Universal Slots. In addition to all standard functions, ME supports hot-swapping of cards and redundancy of CPU and Power Supply to meet mission critical applications.

ETENRITY GE is for SME customers having up to 240 users. It is offered in three configurations – 3, 6 and 12 Universal Slots. All the cards including CPU and Power Supply are interchangeable.

ETENRITY PE is the youngest and the smallest member of the family designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) customers having up to 48 users. It is offered in two configurations – 3 Universal Slots and 6 Universal Slots. Considering the special needs of organizations in this segment, Door-Phone Card is offered in ETERNITY PE. A cost-effective version of ETERNITY PE with 3 slots is offered where ISDN and few other functions are not required.

All the members of the ETERNITY family offer identical functions and features. They provide all the telecom network interfaces for Universal Connectivity. Same user terminals like digital phones, operator consoles, soft-phones and ISDN phones can be used with any ETERNITY IP-PBX. In fact, they all run the same software making ETERNITY the easiest system to expand.

Most of IP-PBXs in the market support only few standard interfaces like FXS, FXO and ISDN. These products do not support in-skin interfaces for GSM or 3G. Matrix ETERNITY is one of the very few IP-PBXs offering in-skin GSM and 3G cards. In addition, ETERNITY also supports T1/E1/PRI and E&M making it capable of interfacing with virtually any network on the planet. Thus, ETERNITY is an “open” and truly “integrated” IP-PBX.

Key features like Multi-Party Conference, Auto-Attendant, Digital Input Port, Digital Output Port, Analog Input Port, Analog Output Port, Remote Programming, and SMDR (CDR) with a large buffer capacity etc. are built into the system. These features normally warrant additional investments in most of the other competitive brands.