GSM Data Terminals


Quad Band Single Port 2G GSM Radio with Serial Port -GPRS, SMS

Matrix SIMADO GDT11 is a Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT) for data applications. It is a compact and portable terminal that can satisfy various data communication needs over GSM. It can be connected to a computer with the help of a standard RS232C serial port.

The SIMADO GDT11 offers features like Short Message Services (SMS), Data Services (sending and receiving data files), Fax Services and Web Browsing. Remote login and data file transfer are also supported. It is the perfect equipment for factory plants, resorts, dams and construction sites where wired connectivity is not available or not feasible.

The ready-to-use SIMADO GDT11 can be setup with minimal efforts. It finds its applications in IT companies, Banks and Financial Institutions, Logistic Companies, Service Providers, Remote Project Sites, Professionals, and such other business establishments.

Important Aspect of SIMADO GDT11

  • Capture Data from Remote locations in real time
  • Send/receive FAX on Computer
  • Send Bulk SMS using SIMADO SMS1000 Software with GDT11
  • Web Browsing
  • Compatible with any make of PBX
  • Can be used with any brand of existing PBX
  • Can be used in Stand-alone Mode
  • Reliable, Compact and Sturdy Design
  • Superior Call Routing Technique
  • Reliable, Compact and Sturdy Design
  • Quad-band 2G and Tri-band 3G Network Support