Hotel Home System


PBX for small-medium sized hotels with capacity up to 200 rooms

ETERNITY GE range of Hotel PBX is a complete hospitality solution which takes care of existing and future requirements of growing hotels. It offers a host of advanced Hotel features which handle Hotel operations in a systematic manner to offer professional and efficient guest services. Switching a guest into a profitable customer thereby increase in revenue is a challenge well accomplished by Matrix Hospitality Solution. ETERNITY GE plays a role of backbone for mid-sized hotels giving them a functional professional edge.

Apart from various unique features, it also offers important functional features like third-Party PMS and CAS interface, Alarms and Wake-up reminders, Video Conferencing, Emergency detection and reporting, Call budgeting, Call privilege, Call blocking, Least Cost Routing, SMDR Buffer and Voice Mail System.


ETERNITY ME16S Solution for Medium Hotels up to 500 Rooms

ETERNITY ME offers IP functionalities, IP extensions and trunk support. It offers true mobility by facilitating mobility of the user extension which works just as wire-line extensions of the system. All adding up to enhance staff productivity and ease of access to information for better performance of guest-centric activities.

It also supports Omni-present networks like IP, ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, T1/E1, GSM/3G, POTS with powerful least cost routing, ensuring connectivity to the farthest mile through the most cost-effective network. The ingenious routing algorithms deliver significant reduction in telephony bills. ETERNITY ME is very energy efficient with lower power consumption thereby saving valuable energy resources and cut-on the huge electricity bills.

Key Features

  • Web-based Front Desk WizardWeb-based Front Desk Wizard
  • Check-in and Check-out
  • Room Types
  • Occupancy Status
  • Mini Bar
  • Room Clean Status and Report Generation
  • Suit Services
  • Guest-in and Guest-out
  • Guest Name and Number Display
  • Guest Shift
  • Customer Profile
  • Floor Service
  • House Keeping Status
  • Third Party PMS interface
  • Built-in Auto Attendant and Voice Mail

Key Advantages of Matrix Hotel PBX

  • Systematic and Transparent Hotel Operations
  • Increased Hotel Staff’s Efficiency
  • Rich Guest Experience
  • Reduce Communication Cost
  • Adaptable and Scalable
  • Built-in Hotel Features
  • Save Operational Time
  • Low Maintenance and No Hidden Costs
  • Designer Digital Key Phones and Operator Consoles


PBX for Large Hotels with Up to 1000 Rooms

ETERNITY LE is a powerful hotel communications solution that supports advanced applications, true business mobility and designed to scale to meet the needs of large hotels. It is a future-proof, reliable, flexible and easy to manage voice communication system. It offers advanced call capabilities and comprehensive enterprise-grade features that enhance customer responsiveness while improving efficiency of hotel staff and reduce telephony costs.

Hotel Features Suite Ready PMS Integration Mobility for Service Staff Voice Mail Call Accounting
Front Desk Micros Opera Mobile Smartphones Personalized Greetings Built-in Feature
Guest-in/out IDS IP-DECT Auto-Attendant Ready Integration with Third-Party Software
Check-in/out RMS WI-FI SIP Phones Conversation Recording
Wake-up Calls Infor
Room Status