SIP-FXO Gateways


SIP Terminal Adapter with 8/12/16 Ports FXO and FXS

SETU VFXTH is a family of multi-channel transparent and flexible VoIP to FXS-FXO gateways. On VoIP side, it supports SIP based IP interfaces allowing it to connect to any existing IP network. On the PSTN side, it supports FXS and FXO interfaces. SETU VFXTH supports universal routing facilitating calls between diverse port types. Further, intelligent Least Call Routing selects the most economical call route based on the destination number dialed on per call basis.

SETU VFXTH can register with multiple SIP Servers and IP-PBXs. Single SETU VFXTH can be used to interface with the enterprise IP-PBX for internal calls and public ITSP SIP Servers for international calls. Similarly on the PSTN side, few FXS/FXO ports can be used with the enterprise PBX while the other FXS/FXO ports can be interfaced with the PSTN for public calls.

SETU VFXTH offers extensive range of features including Programmable Access Codes, Allowed and Denies Numbers, Automatic Number Translation, CLI Based Routing, Emergency Number Dialing, Least Cost Routing, Peer-Peer Calling and CDR. On the network side it offers NAT/STUN, PPPoE, Fax over IP, Syslog debug, and others.

Important Aspect of SETU VFXTH

  • Seamless Connectivity between VoIP and PSTN Network
  • Feature rich and Dependable VoIP-FXO Gateway
  • Faster VoIP-FXO call processing
  • Universal and Transparent call Routing
  • Gateway for existing PBX/IP-PBX
  • Advanced Least Cost Routing (LCR) algorithm
  • Flexible architecture with support from 8 to 32 FXO ports